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It looks amazing! Welcome home!

oh my, love, love the pictures (partial to the sbux ones, of course!)...thank you for sharing your journey and inspiration!!

Oh, can't wait to see what will show up on Etsy, Love all of the photos you share of your journeys, keeping us so much apart of your life. Thank you always.

I so glad you shared your amazing trip!!

Amazing! Welcome home.

Looks like ya'll had a fun time. Thanks for sharing your awesome pics. Char

I love the effects you have on your pictures. I was wondering if you do this via a special filter on your camera, or if it is done with digital photo editing program? They look "distressed".

That looked to be an absolutely amazing trip and very fascinating! ......also, just what would life be like without a Starbucks on some corner on the other side of the world! Awesome. Looking forward to more inspiration after this awesome trip! Glad you are home safe and sound. :)

I can't wait to see the MEMORY Saving you do from trinkets and gadgets you've found during your stay! Also can't wait for a shot at some TH embellishment goodness. ♥

Welcome back, T!m. What an adventure! Love the pictures and a great one of you and Mario. Glad you had a great journey and experience of a life time.
Hope you get some much needed rest.
Holly from Nebraska

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