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The facets look the best they've ever looked boo! holla!

I am so in love with that transfer! I can not wait to try it! favorite word...BELIEVE!!!

Oh Tim....this tag is awe inspiring! Love the way you used the facets :) *happy sigh* This one is a classic. Thanks Tim for sharing your creativity!

I'm a BELIEVER! I am, I am, I am! Also - I've been hoarding those facet beauties for over a YEAR! Thank goodness! Can't wait to play!!!! Thanks for the GREAT inspo - yet again! Yeee haw!

Very cool. I am stoked. can not wait to try that as well.

Absolutely STUNNING T!M !!! Your amazing! :)

fragments and stamping! This tag is GREAT! And I've got a whole day to play!
oh I just saw: Eileen has won! CONGRATS!

Another great evening and some more great tags!! Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you Mario for another great night of BTS and the pictures have been fantastic.

I love the vintage feel to this tag, the kraft color is just perfect. Great job. Gloria Contreras

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