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hi charlotte...a perfect ending!!! Thank you for the incredible journey!!!

Love the tissue wrap flower! Thanks for another amazing year of 12 tags! Such inspiration and totally fun BTS!

How can I even find the words to describe how amazing the last 12 days have been? Creative inspiration and incredible friendship. Totally blessed and appreciative of all that this art and season brings. Thank you to you and Mario for your part in that!

What another wonderful year of tags. Tim and Mario I am so glad you two decide to give us this wonderful gift each year. I cant wait til dec 1 next year when you start this again. I hope to meet you two one day on Main Street at the happiest place on earth. Or at one of your events this coming year. I hope that you have a wonderful Holiday Season with family and friends close by.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The amount of time and effort that you and Mario put into this yearly “Treat” is incredible. I joined Twitter to follow Mario BTS and was amazed at the work that is involved – I knew it was a big task but didn't realize how big. The commitment that the two of you have in putting this together is commendable! Staying up late and hitting the screen refresh button to see the pictures as soon as they're posted has been so much fun! And following Mario on Twitter has been an eye-opener and fun also – especially the extra photos.

Thanks so very much!

Thanks for 12 creative, joy-filled days.

Love love love the colors, the tinsel and the metal, wonderful ending!

Knew you'd pull out all the stops for day 12. This has been so much fun again - thank you Tim and Mario (and Ted & Michelle) for some amazing fun along the way - have kept up with every day - see you next December! Have a fabulous holiday and see you soon for sneak peaks of CHA. Lots of love, Helen.

Go Mario!!! We knew you were a crafter! So many great ideas for the tissue paper.

OMGOSH... this is my absolute favorite tag you have ever made.. seriously this is the ONE! It is absolutely gorgeous. Sad to see this fun come to and end. I've enjoyed it tremendously. Happy Holidays!

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