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I love the "joy" boo! is that for me?? cha-holla!

Another day, another amazing new tag! As always Tim, you are an inspiration. Loving this one!!

Every night I think "this tag is my favorite" and then you post a new one and I say it again. What incredible week of inspiration this has been! The weathered clock is one of my favorites, I love how you used it here!


so many great details...but gotta love the joy!!!

All these tags are so gorgeous! Thank you Tim for making the beginning of December so creative and SO EXCITING AND FUN! I have such a good time and am so inspired. Thank you to Mario for all the excellent BTS. You guys are great!
Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Everything you do is so amazing Tim. Even my husband is excited every day to see the tag you create I am hoping that he gets to enjoy the BTS tomorrow night and Friday night.

I cant wait to get my hands on my supplies and make these tags.

What a fun tag...

I JUST SHRIEKED out loud! THIS is sensational! {Shhhhh!} YOU are kicking out the goodness, Mr. Holtz and TEAM! Yeee Haw! Thanks for EVERYTHING! {LOVE, love, love Mario and the bts crew!}

WOWY T!m, you keep surprising us! Every day I look forward to seeing the new tag, day 8 already, times goes by so fast, too bad since we love these 12 days of Christmas!! LOVE IT! Hope you get enough sleep! I love the clock and the gears! Another lovely tag!!

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