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How exciting and fun! gotta love that new blinkie! :)

sad...but also very happy!!! thank you for your amazing gift of inspiration to us all!!

Oh my goodness, I love this tag and love that we can look forward to a new tag and theme each month! Thank you for the inspiration!

fabulous idea!! love it love it love it!!

OK, sad for losing the excitement for the month of December, but, YAY!!!! for the rest of the year!!!! Sounds Great and love that each month will have some creative idea jumpstart in the form of one of your tags!! (Now if only you'd put them all in a book for us to commemorate the past 5 Happy Years!)

What a terrific idea and game plan! I might be able to accomplish these since they are spread out throughout the year! As always, thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiring me!

Good Heavens, Tim!!!! What a way to wake me up on Monday! Love the idea, love the tag! BUT how will we make it through without 12 Tags of Christmas???? so sad...

Brilliant Idea T!m as ever, thanks for sharing

I LOVE your 12 tags of the year idea!! You get a wee bit of break and we get more time to create with you!

Fabulous idea... can't wait to get started. Thanks again for your wonderful inspiration xx

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