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Congrats to all of the lucky shoppers who snatched up those fabulous kits!

Oh, I'll be watching QVC-UK online!!

Happy Weekend to Mario and you! Can't wait for all the products and already have quit a few ordered or ready to!

Congrats on your quick sales!! Amazing kit! I just ordered the canister of Distress Markers from my LSS and can't wait to get my inky hands on them! Truly, you are a huge inspiration for my creative soul!

It shows that you love what you do - there is no way anyone would expend the energy you and Mario do if it wasn't something you love. You are a fantastic duo and we love you both! Please post all your events on your blog so if by any slim chance you are anywhere within 500 miles of Toronto I can join you in a class or some event!

I could buy it ! As I receive your newsletter late , I knew about them only one hour before they were on Etsy ... now I don't wait the newsletter to visit your blog ;-)

I can't wait to receive the kit !

Mario is a star isn't he! I can't wait to see you on QVC ... my credit card isn't so keen for some reason!!!

3 minutes! Wow. Guess I need to check the time differences between here (UK) and there if I want to get in an order next time :) Looking forward to watching you on QVC, the only time I tune into that channel is when you're on but you're never there enough! Let's hope whoever you're presenting with lets *you* get a few words in...ahem, not naming names here but.....

Go shoppers! I very well was on my computer all morning and half the afternoon since I live on the east coast. i was having a talk with my 3 year old gd and poof! On and gone! I am lucky because i got the last one so all is cannot have everything:)I am so happy for those that were able to purchase it. Keep the kits coming Tim..we are waiting to buy some more!

It's just too bad that you don't have enough kits to last. I worked and they were sold out by the time I got home. So sad:(
Wish you could be on QVC in the USA. I miss those scrapbooking hours.
Love your products!!!

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