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Welcome home! So excited for all that is coming up! :)

Man! You didn't even take a tiny break after the big trip!

I just happened to see this last week and ordered my copy. I cannot wait to get it and try all the new awesome things that I'm sure are in there!!

Cant wait to get my book!! YAYAY! Gonna go check out that class!!!

I ordered my copy of the new book while you were away...can't wait to get it! I'm also signed up for the online class. Welcome home!

Welcome back Tim! My book order is placed and one of the ones waiting for you...I am SO excited to see the new book!!! I am off to check out your class.

Signed up four the class, the CofC2 is next!

I have to order my copy soon! I just got my Distress Markers and the book is next on my list!

Welcome back! Thanks to you and Mario for keeping us posted on your adventures! Already signed up for your Chemistry 101 class. Can't wait! Can't wait to get a copy of your new book!

How fun! I need to figure out a way to get some extra money for your book and class. Can't wait for march's tag!

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