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I've always wanted to go to Norway! What an amazing store. Save travels back home! XO!

It looks like an amazing journey!

How fun. Would love to be able to see the world like you! Have an amazing flight home!

Mr BTS Mario has kept us all updated with some fabulous pics! Y'all be safe coming back home.

Love the update -Mario will wear shorts I think to the North Pole when he visits there...Looks like everyone is having a great time. Safe journey home to AZ.

Norway is on my bucket list...what a great store. Safe trip to you all.

TIM-Mart! What an amazing store.
Love the UK. Would go back in a heart beat. If you ever need a stand in I will be glad to go! lol.

What an awesome adventure!

That store looks amazing! WOW

What a fabulous trip and a great recap! I'm happy for you guys and for all those students who've no doubt been waiting a very long time to meet you and learn from you in person. Safe, smooth travels to you all as you make your way home.

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