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That snow is beautiful there! Classes have been AMAZING! Learning something new each day! Great job!

The class is so amazing so far! Thank you for sharing so much with us!

Thank you for all the work you are putting truly is fantastic, educational, and inspirational...loving class!!!

Loving the class!!! So true about figuring it all out! Love the snow, even though I'm glad it's Spring, snow ice cream is great!!! Thank you for all of your hard work!

The snow is awesome...Ohio by Cincinnati did not have snow this year and I miss it so!! Love your class!! It is amazing to see how you do all your techniques and share them with us.

I really need to sign up for this!

DUDE! This is spring! Nearly a *foot* of snow? Stay warm!

You just keep that snow there! Yuck! I am enjoying some warm
So happy the classes are going well, what a great opportunity.
I still think your the busiest person I have ever heard-must take lots of vitamins.
take care

I was in Flagstaff when it snowed about an inch in July 1997. Lived in Mesa 95'-97' they had snow there and Apache Junction a couple of years before that. So, I'm not so surprised.

Can't believe you have snow in Arizona when we here in MD did not get any this year! Take a break and enjoy it! Am loving the class so far!

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