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I read your new blog whenever I get an email notice, HOWEVER, your new email notice arrives as a second line item below another bloggers post, so it is easy to miss yours. You should request that your email notices be sent as a separate notice, not packaged below someone elses. Thank you

I receive your emails but always a day after your post.

I've signed up twice to get your blog posts emailed to me but I'm not getting anything. Its not really clear how to do that so maybe I'm not doing it correctly.

I will surely miss you but I have tried to figure out how to stay connected and it is just plain too hard for this simple-minded gal.

I switched over the first time you told us about switching over but I have received nothing til this notification. I just re-signed up. Hopefully this time will work cause I sure miss your blog posts. :)

unfortunately I am not able to subscribe by mail/courriel which is the only way to stay tuned for me. I will try and see what is going wrong maybe Internet Explorer.

How and where do you sign up??????

Having troubles getting the new website...Help!

New website is great-except for the part where I am trying to subscribe by email-keep clicking and nothing happens.

Still clicking-what's up with that?


I am having problems also...can you do a vid or something. I want to stay connected!!!!

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